Hacking Rhetoric


Week 1 Jan-13 Introductions and stuff. Just show up!
Jan-15 What is rhetoric? What is hacking? READ: Ch1 of Everything’s an Argument.TOOL: Basic WordPress functions
Week 2 Jan-20 MLK Day – no class.DUE: LR self-evaluation — email in by midnight
Jan-22 Library resources and effective summarisation. READ: They Say I Say Ch.2. Hacking X Making. READ: O’Dell, ‘The maker movement isn’t just for hackers’; Doctorow, Makers.Optional but worth a look: EaA Ch 19.TOOL: Google docs.
Week 3 Jan-27 Gender and Hacking. READ: GeekMom, ‘The Hacker School Experience’; Toulmin, ‘Feminist Hackerspaces as Safer Spaces?’; Schroeder, “Trans*H4ck aims to put transgender developers on the map” DUE: Summary 1
Jan-29 WORKSHOP DAY: Wikipedia. READ: ‘All the News That’s Fit to Print Out’; About Wikipedia (focus on ‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ and ‘Contribute to Wikipedia’). Before class, please sign up for a Wikipedia account.
Week 4 Feb-03 Hacking Objects. What is an annotated bibliography, anyway? READ: Toilet Hacking; Car Hacking (Youtube link; watch the video and read the Forbes article linked in the description); Car Hacking – from the source (read the blog post and the Executive Summary, Introduction & Conclusion in the PDF linked there).TOOL: Timeline JS.
Feb-05 Hacking You. READ: Any ten (10) articles from Lifehacker that appeared in the past week. They’re mostly short and you can cherry-pick extra-short ones if you like. Come prepared to discuss, explain, illustrate, demonstrate, share. You are free to follow whatever rabbitholes you find as you read, but make sure you read some recent stuff, too, in order to faciliate discussion.TOOL: Creative Commons; Fair use DUE: Summary 2
Week 5 Feb-10 Hacking Text / Hacking School. READ: Burton, ‘Dear Students’ from Hacking the Academy; Hacking the Accident, ‘Introduction‘; Hacking the Accident, ‘Dear Stunts‘.
Feb-12 PITCH DAY – roundtable on second-half-of-semester plans. maybe: What is Hacking? ReduxOPTIONAL READINGS: McKenzie Wark, Hacker Manifesto (excerpt); How to Pitch An Idea
Week 6 Feb-17 Intro to Unit 2: ‘Analyse’. What makes an argument effective?Understanding audience. READ: Nothing! Spend your time on your annotated bibliography. DUE: Annotated bibliography
Feb-19 Ethos: Hacking Zuckerberg. READ: Everything’s an Argument pp.60-65. Zuckerberg: Ahmed for background; Shreatah (primary source); Feinberg on the aftermath. Optional but interesting: ycombinator discussion.Discuss results of project survey.
Week 7 Feb-24 Ethos 2: Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning. READ: The chats that got Manning arrested – excerpt (full logs here if you’re interested); Section 1 of Wikileaks’ ‘About’ page; Assange’s statement on Manning’s sentence. DISCUSS: Expectations for mid-term Learning Record.
Feb-26 Pathos: Visual rhetoric with Anonymous. READ: EaA Ch 14 (Visual and Multimedia Arguments).DUE: Summary of a hack TOOL: Popcorn Maker.
Week 8 Mar-03 Pathos 2. READ: What Side Are You On in the Hacker Class War?Proposal workshop.
Mar-05 READ: Rosen, ‘Security Questions are a Joke‘; Honan, ‘How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking‘.DUE: Hacked summary
SPRING BREAK Mar 10-15 Relax and recharge!
Week 9 Mar-17 Evidence: What is Logos? Fun with Logical Fallacies. READ: EaA, pp 78-100.DUE: LR mid-term self-evaluations (due midnight by email)
Mar-19 Logos 2: Proof. READ: Washington Post PRISM collection; Edward Snowden is No Traitor; The NSA is doing what Google does; Snowden was a Hacker for the NSA
Mar-26 WORKSHOP DAY:  Hackasaurus Before class, revisit your basic html (resource 1resource 2).
Week 11 Mar-31 WORKSHOP DAY: Analysis paper peer review. Come to class with a full, complete, polished draft of your analysis paper. If you come to class without a polished draft, you’ll be sent home and be marked absent — not negotiable.
Apr-02 WORKSHOP DAY: Hack This Site(We’ll be working to analyse the site. No assigned reading and no big deal if you don’t have time to look at the site before class.)DUE: Analysis paper version 1 – email to Beck before midnight.
Week 12 Apr-07 No class. Individual paper conferences – Monday afternoon + Tuesday. Cancelled due to illness; please reschedule for Wednesday. Take this extra time to work on your projects in place of a workshop day.
Apr-09 No class – rescheduled paper conferences (also on Tuesday). Watch video lecture on audience and invention (to be uploaded late this week)
Apr-12 – SATURDAY DUE: Analysis Paper final version — email in by 11.59pm
Week 13 Apr-14 Independent project group time
Apr-16 Identifying AudienceFine-tuning arguments
Week 14 Apr-21 Project group workshop day
Apr-23 Learning Record Moderation workshop – come prepared with your drafts, prewriting exercises, plans, etc for your final Learning Record and get a sanity check.

Course evaluations.

Week 15 Apr-28 Maker Faire: show off your work, teach your peers, learn something.
Final individual paper due by midnight today for those wishing to revise. No penalties for papers after this date, but only papers received by this deadline can be revised.
Additional office hours this week for anyone wanting to discuss final assignments and portfolio prep.
Apr-30 Independent study day – wrap up those LRs and final papers!
Post-semester May-02 Last day of classes university-wide.
May-06 DUE: LR final evaluation and any last late papers, including final papers (either revised versions for those coming in before 28/4 or unrevised versions) – 11.59pm by email.No work will be accepted after this deadline — no exceptions.